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Specialty Sportswear has the basic leotard patterns and design system for all your Gymnastic costume needs. For practice or competition. Specialty Sportswear has the pattern. We have traditional designs, multi-color inset designs, just about anything you might need. Our Skatewear Patterns make up a design system that is built into our pattern base. This allows you to start anywhere and build your Gymnastic costumes based on your individual sewing needs

All the designs in our catalog start with the same leotard. The design bodice patterns are available without an inset skirt in the Leotard-100 patterns. For the Rhythmic Gymnast check out our skirted patterns in the A-line-400 skirt or the Tulip-500 skirt. These are great skirts for any performance. Make them longer, shorter or pull up one side and drape the rest. There are many other interesting skirts in the Unique-800 section.

For practice or competition our selection is complete. Check-out the Cover Up 600 patterns for before or after a work out . Fun to make them match you competition or practice costumes!