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We all love specials

The manual +1 +1 special comes with,

The Specialty Sportswear Manual Version 4

Plus your choice of a Mini Pro Pattern, choose from Traditional, Tulip, A-line, Leotard or Men & Boys Mini Pro pattern.

Plus get a pattern of your choice (a value of $14.95 or less).

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Manual + Traditional Mini Pro +1
Manual + Tulip Mini Pro +1
Manual + A-line Mini Pro +1
Manual + Leotard Mini Pro +1
Manual + Men & Boys Mini Pro +1


Find out more about the manual here.

The Conversion 200-400-500 is a pattern package that gives you the Mini-Pro Traditional-200 which includes: (Full Sleeve (short and long), Fitted Sleeve (short and long), Drop Sleeve (fitted and full, short and long), Glove and Finger extension. The Conversion Bodice and Panty with the 200, 400, and 500 inset lines and 15 skirts that are packaged with these inset lines, all in one size.

SIZES Kinder through LL

200-M000 C-1, Single Circle Skirt,
200-M018 C-2, Double Circle Panty Skirt,
200-M000 C-3, Triple Circle Skirt,
200-M018 Tatter,
400-M000 A-line Panel Skirt,
400-M018 C-1, Single Circle Skirt,
400-M018 C-2, Double Circle Panty Skirt,
400-M018B C-3, Triple Circle Skirt,
400-M018 Tatter,
500-M000 Tulip Panel Skirt,
500-M000 Tulip Side Kick Pleat Panel Skirt,
500-M000 Tulip C-1, Single Circle,
500-M018 C-2, Double Circle Panty Skirt,
500-M018B C-3, Triple Circle Skirt,
500-M018 Tatter,

Conversion 200-400-500 + Manual
Conversion 200-400-500