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Specialty Sportswear's sizing

The height and weight measurements. The BODY measurement is done by placing the end of tape measure at the indent of the top of the rib cage, bringing the tape down the front of the body, through the crotch and up the back at the spine to the large axis bone at the base of the neck. Make sure the tape measure is firm (not drawn tightly) against the body, including the small of the back.

The NECK TO WAIST measurement is done be placing the tape measure at the axis and measuring down the spine to the natural waistline (not where your skater prefers to wear his or her pants). The natural waistline is the narrowest indent of the torso of the body.

The CHEST and HIP are measured around the body at the fullest point. The WAIST is measured at the natural indent of the torso of the body. The ARM is measured from the tip of the shoulder to the bottom of the wrist bone. Measure the WRIST to include the fullness of the wrist bone. The UPPER ARM is measured at the fullest point around the muscle.

Specialty Sportswear's sizing scheme is not the same as any other manufacturer. Our patterns have been developed from years of designing and manufacturing active stretch wear for individual clients. For instance: our size 12 is a starting point for someone standing 5' to 5'4" and weighing 100 to 120 pounds. In this category we have worked with clients of all ages but the majority of the clients in this group were in their early teens .

The pattern gives you a form to work with that will be the least amount of work for you to master your patterns form: apply your skaters measurements to the pattern form and make the needed changes. Below are the approximate measurements that can also be used for sizing purposes...the stretch of the fabric is the variable.

We don't advise using a larger size because proportions are different. The dress/leo needs to stay in proportion, add or subtract only to those measurements that need to be changed. The skirt/bodice inset line on the side seam is the same series to series within a size group. That point needs to sit at the top of the hip. From there is where you make your adjustments.