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400-M000-SO Manual + A-line Mini Pro +1


Pattern Description

Special Offer…Manual and Mini-Pro-A-line, save on the bundle. And…select another pattern, $14.95 value, it will be FREE!!! The Manual is a detailed discussion about the development of the Specialty Sportswear Pattern. The idea behind the system…using basic sewing 101 methods applied to LYCAR® fabrics. Learn how to fit a pattern, learn how to make a pattern from scratch, or learn how to use the basic SSW Pattern to create your own designs!

The Mini-Pro Pattern has the Fitted Bodice Aline Pattern as its design highlight. This pattern is the basis for all the design work in our catalog. You be able to create all your design ideas with this pattern. Additionally, there are several sleeve attachments that are the basis for many of the other sleeves in the catalog. This design has matching leo, see: Men/boys 700-700.

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No sleeve, short sleeve, long fitted sleeve or short sleeve, long full sleeve or drop short sleeve, long fitted sleeve, glove, finger extention, 

Bodice inset is shallow rounded drop to the bodice mid-point.

Aline skirt and C-1, Single Circle Skirt. 

Zippered back or elastic pull-on.

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  1. Posted by Unknown on 6th Aug 2016

    Sooooo excited and happy to have these patterns As part of my sewing experience !!! B

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400-M000-SO Manual + A-line Mini Pro +1
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Hints and Tips

1. Don't forget all set-in sleeves in a size group are interchangeable... All raglan sleeves in a size group are interchangeable too.

2. Anything you can think of, you can create! Check out the Manual, it's full of design possibilities.

3. It easy to mix and match bodices and skirts with the same inset line within the same sizing group. You can also change the skirt inset line from bodice to bodice with the skirt conversion package.

4. We always like to see photos of what our clients are doing. Check out our Facebook link and post a photo of you latest project... or e-mail a photo to us. We'll post it to the gallery!!! Become the next creation of the month.

Measurements and Sizeing Get more info here.
The BODY measurement is done by placing the end of tape measure at the indent of the top of the rib cage, bringing the tape down the front of the body, through the crotch and up the back at the spine to the large axis bone at the base of the neck. Make sure the tape measure is firm (not drawn tightly) against the body, including the small of the back.
The NECK TO WAIST measurement is done be placing the tape measure at the axis and measuring down the spine to the natural waistline (not where your skater prefers to wear his or her pants). The natural waistline is the narrowest indent of the torso of the body.
The CHEST and HIP are measured around the body at the fullest point. The WAIST is measured at the natural indent of the torso of the body. The ARM is measured from the tip of the shoulder to the bottom of the wrist bone. Measure the WRIST to include the fullness of the wrist bone. The UPPER ARM is measured at the fullest point around the muscle.
SSW sizing is not the same as any other manufacturer. Our patterns are "NOT GRADED" up or down from one pattern to make a dozen different sizes. For over 25 years our patterns have been produced with the developing body in mind. We feel its important that the performer feels confident with what their wearing. A good fit promotes a good performance.

The ideal fabric is any LYCRA® that stretches 4 ways and has a fabric content of 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex. With any and all LYCRA® fabrics the greater stretch needs lay up/down body and the lesser stretch needs to lay across the body to allow the proper flexion of the body and fabric together. To find out more about specific LYCRA® fabrics, get more info here.


Use 100% polyester thread.


Regular weight LYCRA® use 1/4" knit non-roll elastic. For Spandex® heavy or velvet LYCRA® use 3/8" unit non-roll elastic.


Use 22" invisible zippers for all dress, unitards, dresstards, leotard when necessary. For Men/Boys Pants use 5" or 7" zippers. For Cover Up Jackets use separating jacket zippers in the proper length.